Girl’s Senior Division

Schedule is subject to changes ONLY with the consent of the WBCYC Board of Directors

2020 Season

Home Team Wears Blue

Date Home Visitors Time Day
1/6/2020FeverLynx7 pmMonday
1/6/2020SparksMystics8 pmMonday
1/13/2020SparksLynx7 pmMonday
1/13/2020MysticsFever8 pmMonday
1/20/2020SparksFever7 pmMonday
1/20/2020MysticsLynx8 pmMonday
1/27/2020MysticsSparks7 pmMonday
1/27/2020LynxFever8 pmMonday
2/3/2020FeverMystics7 pmMonday
2/3/2020LynxSparks8 pmMonday
2/10/2020FeverSparks7 pmMonday
2/10/2020LynxMystics8 pmMonday
2/17/2020SparksMystics7 pmMonday
2/17/2020FeverLynx8 pmMonday
2/24/2020SparksLynx7 pmMonday
2/24/2020MysticsFever8 pmMonday
3/2/2020SparksFever7 pmMonday
3/2/2020MysticsLynx8 pmMonday
3/9/2020MysticsSparks7 pmMonday
3/9/2020LynxFever8 pmMonday
********* PLAYOFFS TBD *********
No changes can be made without the consent of the WBCYC Board of Directors